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The south of Oberstdorf is a true paradise for all sun-loving hikers - during summer and winter. Directly on the southern village edge hikers and walkers find a very well prepared hiking trail network, which allows many different variants of smaller and larger walks and hikes.

Hiking trails:
Landhaus Dodel - Gertrud-von-Le-Fort-Weg - Weather station at the Albergatter - Brieft - Lower Renksteg - Stillachdamm - Ziegelbach - Heuwang - and over the Karatsbichl back to Oberstdorf

Length & walking time:
5 km with a walking time of almost 2 hours

Rest points:
* Ziegelbachhütte (valley station Höllwieslift)
* Cafe-restaurant Karatsbichl

Recommended equipment:
Solid shoes, sneakers are also suitable

Starting at Landhaus Dodel, the access via the Gertrud-von-Le-Fort-Weg is the shortest entry into the nearby hiking trail network of the south of Oberstdorf.
When you pass the local border, you can see the broad and unobstructed view of the mountain peaks. The next goal is the "weather station" in the Ösch. At this measuring station there are many benches and – for a pleasant refreshment in summer - there is also a Kneipp water basin.
From here the path leads us to the south. After. having reached the lower Renksteg bridge, we turn right at the river Stillach, without crossing the bridge. In the summer, this path is a welcoming refreshment, but in the winter you are glad about warm clothes, gloves and even a hat.
After a while we reach the Ziegelbach Bridge and cross the Stillach. The nearby Ziegelbach cottage is a very cozy opportunity to refresh yourself with cool drinks in the summer or warm up with a hot tea in the winter.
We leave the Ziegelbach cottage behind us and arrive Karatsbichl via Heuwang . The cafe-restaurant Karatsbichl invites you to relax in the historic lounge or on the south-facing terrace with a magnificent view to the Allgäu Alps.
Over the Bridge of Karatsbichl and the Karatsbichl route, we enjoy the eastern meadows while walking back to Oberstdorf.


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