Several decades for the guest!

Through decades of experience as a host in the field of rental, we can guarantee to you as our guests a pleasant t holiday in our country house.

Our country house and we
am 12/25/2017 von Stefan Dodel

The next generation takes over

Offspring in the family Dodel

After the renovation, the guesthouse had in total 12 guest rooms in different sizes. On the ground floor, a room for the guests was set up where breakfast was served in the morning and which could otherwise be used as a TV room. Because at that time the rooms were not equipped with their own TV, the guests met for TV watching or board games in the evening.

1978 Markus and in 1984 the second son Stefan was born. Meanwhile, our 67-year-old grandmother retired more and more from business and handed over the porter service to her son, Wilhelm Dodel Jr.
Many guests, who were present at the beginning of the guesthouse, stayed with us for several years and were able to experience the growth of the next generation. Sometimes close friendships developed with our guests, some of which still exist today.

am 12/25/2017 von Stefan Dodel

Tourism boom

Renovation of the guest house

Although in 1930 the Oberstdorf tourism counted already more than 600,000 overnight stays per year for around 5,000 guest beds, it experienced another strong increase in the post-war years. Due to the economic miracle in Germany, the tourism increased more and more, so that the tricycles used to transport the luggage were no longer sufficient and a small motorized van had to be purchased to handle the high quantities of luggage.
Wilhelm Dodel Jr. married our mother Elisabeth (née Szerney) in 1975, who had come to Germany from Serbia at the age of 17. Since she came to Germany, Elisabeth had worked as a waitress in Oberstdorf for several years. So from the beginning she felt very comfortable in the care of the guests in the guest house Dodel. Due to the steadily increasing demand for guest rooms in Oberstdorf, our parents decided to expand the guest house in 1975 and to enter the rental business completely.

am 12/25/2017 von Stefan Dodel

Start of guestroom rental

Born of necessity

1944, in the year of the war, Franziska Dodel lost her first husband Johann Dodel, who had to sacrifice his life on the Eastern Front. Only 6 years before, both had started together the porters' trade business . Shortly after his death, when his brother Wilhelm Dodel came to Oberstdorf for a convalescent holiday, he fell in love with his sister-in-law. He married our grandmother after returning from Russian captivity in 1946. After 18 years Franziska Dodel also lost her second husband, barely a year after both of them had realized their dream of building their own small house, Wilhelm Dodel succumbed to the consequences of his jaundice and malaria illness, with which he returned home from the war. Now Franziska Dodel had to entertain a family of three people with her 14-year-old son (Wilhelm Dodel Jr.) and her 16-year-old daughter (Johanna Dodel) and earn the money with carrying luggage to pay for the house. In order to manage their lives, three additional rooms were rented to guests in the small house on Hans-Besler-Straße.

Read more about about our grandmother in the "newspaper article": http: // 1495817035

am 12/25/2017 von Stefan Dodel

Luggage transport

Our grandmother Franziska Dodel

It all started with our grandmother Franziska Dodel, who, together with her husband Johann Dodel, got into the luggage carrier business and earned her money with carrying bags for more than 40 years. From 1938 to 1979 she was a kind of institution with the brass tag "porter" on her service cap for the locals in the village and the guests from Oberstdorf, well-known for their tireless diligence and unusual muscle power for a woman.

Read more about our grandmother Franziska Dodel in the "newspaper article": http: // 1495817035


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