Green holiday

Good Energy

We rely on regenerative energy forms, so that you can recharge your batteries on holiday without a guilty conscience,

  • Our own 8.6 kWp photovoltaic system with electricity storage provides the power supply.
  • Our gas heating for the production of warm industrial and heating water is exclusively supplied with gas, which comes from regenerative energies.
  • In addition, the country house is equipped with a fully comprehensive thermal insulation, with which we save a large amount of heat energy.
  • A modern room ventilation system with integrated heat exchangers ensures a constant exchange of air and a pleasant room climate with very low heat losses.
Regenerative Energien

Save resources

We focus on the conscious use of resources.

  • Our garden and our balcony flowers are only supplied with rainwater from our cistern.
  • We clean the apartments only with environmentally friendly and ecological cleaning agents.
  • We pay attention to space efficiency, as our flats are designed compactly without lacking comfort and cosiness.

Closeness without disrespect

We see it as a great gift to be at home in the midst of a wonderful and intact nature and therefore we would like to protect it.

  • If you are out in the nature, we would like to ask you to behave considerately and responsibly.
  • We would like to motivate you to leave your car at home and move on your own.
  • Take the beauty of the mountain world for granted, because if you find your way to nature, you will also find your way to yourself.

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Taxiservice bei Zuganreise

Just leave your car!

If you arrive by train, we will cover your taxi costs for the transport from Oberstdorf station to Landhaus Dodel and back.

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Ankunft in Oberstdorf

Come with the train

Avoid the kilometre-long traffic jams on the motorways and all the hustle and bustle on the road and take the train to Oberstdorf comfortably and without stress.

Ankunft in Oberstdorf