In love with Allgäu

Oberstdorf is worth a visit at any time of the year.

No matter whether in winter with the deep snow-covered valleys, when on sunny days the wide snow-covered areas sparkle like a sea of thousands of crystals. Or in spring, when nature wakes up again from its winter sleep and the mountain meadows are covered with herbs and flowers. But Oberstdorf's summer is just as beautiful when the air smells of freshly mown hay and the sunset makes the mountains shine. Or the autumn, when peace returns, the forest shines in all colours and over the river courses wide clouds of mist hang. Not to forget the breathtaking nature experiences that make the heart of every holidaymaker beat faster.

Whoever is under the spell of the wild and beautiful Allgäu Alps will never get away from it.

Sonnenuntergang an den Gaisalpseen
Nature adventures

Experience the unique nature of the Allgäu Alps with its original valleys and crystal clear mountain lakes.

Seppi Höfats
Hiking with Seppi

Here are secret hiking tips from Seppi

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