Hiking tips from Seppi

Run and hiked by ourself

Because we are very nature-loving and enthusiastic about hiking, we can give you some insider tips. We would like to take you away from mass tourism to places that are unique in their beauty and originality. Experience the wildness of the Allgäu mountains in pure and natural form..


A panoramic tour in the lonely mountain world above the Oytal valley

The mountain tour leads us from Gottenried through the Hölltobel and over the car-free mountain village Gerstruben to the peaks of Riefenkopf and Hahnenköpfle. As a rule, there is not much activity on these two mountains and you can enjoy the mountain solitude and the peace of nature with the best view of the Oberstdorf mountains.

Note: Seppi has hiden some Geocaches on this round.


Seppis hiking tour

Beautiful circular hiking trail with border crossing

Beginning at the Sesselalpe, the hike leads us along the Oberallgäuer circular hiking trail to Schwende (Riezlern, Austria) and back along the Breitach over the Zwingbridge to the Alpe Dornach.

Note: Seppi has hiden some Geocaches on this round

Gottesacker plateau

Day trip for persistent hikers across a barren and fascinating karst landscape

The tour leads over the wildly rugged karst landscape of the Gottesacker plateau - an absolute must for those interested in geology and botany! The nearby steep walls of the Ifen plateau are also a highlight.

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Laufbacher Eck

Charming and varied mountain tour with breathtaking views

The high trail along the 2000m border is one of the most beautiful hiking Trails in the Allgäu Alps due to its magnificent views and exceptional botany.

Our house round

Small round to clear your head

Our house round goes along the Trettach up to the golf course of Oberstdorf and back over the moor pond.

Note: Seppi has hidden Geocaches on this round.

Mindelheimer Hütte

Through the picturesque Wildental valley surrounded by imposing peaks

The varied route over mountain forests, streams and mountain meadows and the view of the imposing eastern walls of the Elfer and Zwölfers von´t bore you. In comparison to the other ascents, the access to the hut sets high technical standards.

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