Nature experiences

Oberstdorf the nature and adventure village

Experience unique and breathtaking natural spectacles

Wild waters, deep rock gorges, mighty waterfalls, wide cloud seas, beautiful sunrises, unique natural monuments, rare animals and plants, quiet forces of nature, lonely and original mountain valleys, green mountain lakes and the glittering starry sky.

Geological features

The Gottesacker plateau at Ifen consists of rugged limestone surfaces that are crossed by deep crevices. The limestone was washed out and perforated by the rains of millions of years. The plateau is dangerous and already some people have disappeared in the crevices there. But it is definitely worth a hike.

In the valley of the valleys

The side valleys of Oberstdorf are embedded between steep mountain walls. They are closed for car traffic and have thus been able to preserve their originality and naturalness.


Experience nature

The Allgäuer Alps belongs to the most species-rich and diverse mountains in the Alps. Larger than some German national parks, it is one of the largest nature reserves in Germany. The WWF has declared it as one of the 23 most valuable nature reserves in the Alps!

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